What it is:
Batch File Rename is a powerful and flexible file renamer that provides an easy way to simplify renaming multiple files and folders.

Who it's for:
- Digital camera owners
- Web masters
- Music and image collectors
- People who need to keep files well organized

It becomes easier and takes less time to rename multiple files and folders.

Major Features:

  • Well designed interface. All the unnecessary information is hidden from the eyes.
  • Plentiful renaming schemes:
    - Insert/append text, date/time, serial number, etc
    - Remove/replace text, characters, numbers of characters, etc
    - Capitalize, convert to lowercase/uppercase
    - Rename MP3 files with the tags, such as tile, album, etc
    - Convert to SharePoint compatible format
    - Convert to/back from Internet compatible format
    - Renumber existing number sequence
  • Preview. The difference between the current name and the new name is marked in red {example}.
  • Move/Copy renamed files in one step.
  • Specify the changing part in a flexible manner.
  • Windows Explorer menu extension, which can help select files/folders.
  • Renaming configurations can be saved to schemes for later use.
  • Undo the last action.
  • HTML log.

How to use:

  1. Select files/folders
    Several methods are provided to do this:
    - Select files with a common file dialog box.
    - Select files in a folder with a filter, such as "*.bmp".
    - Select folders in a folder with a filter.
    - Drag files/folders from Windows Explorer to the file list of Batch File Rename.
    - Select some files/folders in Windows Explorer, right click on one of them to bring up the pop-up menu, and then select "Batch File Rename...".

  2. Select a renaming scheme
    Batch File Rename supports plentiful renaming schemes, including inserting, removing, replacing, capitalizing, renumbering, and so on.

  3. Specify the changing part
    Batch File Rename provides a flexible method to specify which part of the file name to change. For example, change the last word of the file titles.

  4. Preview and rename
    After filling out the parameters, you can preview the results. The difference of the current name of the new name is marked in red. Besides renaming, Batch File Rename supports to move or copy the renamed files to another folder.

Supported Platforms:

  • Windows 2000
  • Windows XP
  • Windows Sever 2003

What do other people say?

I tried out 6 different renaming programs and found this one to be the easiest to use.
---- Joey Boyd

It's awesome, one of the best programs I've come across this year!!!
---- Lister, Alonzo

This is great freakin software. Period. It kicks ass. No bullshit, just rename my damn file. In a word, EXCELLENT.
---- Dean Kekoolani


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